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John R. Mulder Chapel
Chapel Schedule - 9:40-10:00am daily
Monday Feb 8 Marcy Rudins Daily readings
Tuesday Feb 9 Andy Anderson Daily readings
Wednesday Feb 10 Ash Wednesday Daily readings
Thursday Feb 11 Michelle VanDenBerg Daily readings
Friday Feb 12 Dr. David Stubbs Daily readings
Monday  Feb 15 John Cleveringa Daily readings
Tuesday Feb 16 Rev. Dr. Katherine Sonderegger Daily readings
Wednesday Feb 17 Jenna Harms Daily readings
Thursday Feb 18 Kyle Nesbitt Daily readings
Friday Feb 19 Dr. John Brogan Daily readings
Daily Worship in Mulder Chapel

The corporate worship of God is a deeply formative activity – spiritually, educationally, and institutionally; it is at the heart of what we do here at Western Theological Seminary. So every day we gather as a community to pray for ourselves and for our world, to sing and to be silent, to confess and receive pardon, to testify to God’s grace and lament our world’s brokenness, to praise and to petition, to proclaim, celebrate the sacrament of the Lord's Supper together, and to enact the good news.

Where and when is chapel?

Chapel is in Mulder Chapel each day at 9:40am. Services are usually 20 minutes long.

What are the services like?

Our pattern Monday through Thursday conforms to the structure of daily prayer followed for centuries by the precursors of academics, the medieval monks. It has four primary components: Praise, Psalm, Proclamation, and Prayer.

  • Services begin with an acknowledgement of who God is, and the natural response to that knowledge, Praise.
  • We then turn to the ancient prayer-book of God’s people, the Psalms, and pray one of them as our own, in word or song or images or actions.
  • The Word is then Proclaimed as a way of telling God’s story, of getting a God’s-eye view of the world the way it really is.
  • Finally, we focus on Prayer as the place where we re-present the world and its concerns to God, where God and God’s people speak to one other heart to heart.

Who leads the services?

Students plan and lead services Monday through Thursday with the assistance of faculty and members of the Worship Committee. Faculty lead worship of Friday as the WTS community participates in our weekly practice of coming around the Lord's Table to celebrate Holy Communion and to “taste and see” how good God is.

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