Formation for Ministry

Discerning God's call can be challenging, to say the least! Formation for Ministry at Western recognizes that you might appreciate some guidance along the way. Here formation for ministry means. . .

    • A place to practice ministry
    • Space for ministerial reflection
    • Feedback and support from mentors and peers
    • Opportunities to repeat the process to confirm your learning

Beginning early in your seminary journey, you will engage and explore your call in a supervised ministry setting with a mentor and peers. Western is committed to providing you with just the right place and space to nurture your call to ministry.

  • Formation for Ministry Internships


    Internships are part of the formation for ministry process at Western Theological Seminary and provide a breadth of experience while going deep through the use of learning covenants and case studies of actual ministry experience.

    In-residence M.Div. students will participate in four 100-hour part-time units and one 400-hour full time unit of a supervised in-ministry experience within an approved ministry setting.

    Distance learning students will participate in six 130-hour units of a supervised in-ministry experience during the five years of the program.

    Ministry settings may include:

    • Congregations
    • Hospitals
    • Faith-based agencies
    • Parachurch Ministries
    • Campus Ministry
    • Care Facilities and nursing homes
  • Components of Formation in Ministry
    • stephanie-peergroup.PNGSupervised ministry settings, mentors, and site teams
    • A facilitated peer group of WTS students
    • Complementary coursework and integrative seminars
    • In-residence students will experience a first year Christian formation retreat and second year intercultural immersion experience
    • Distance learning students will experience a yearly Christian formation retreat during the May intensive. The intercultural immersion experience occurs during the fifth year of the program.
  • Peer Groups

    peergroupmeeting.PNGPeer groups meet for personal support, reflection on ministry practice, and prayer. Care is given to maintain the same groups when possible through the first two years.

    In-residence peer groups of about 6 students meet weekly and are guided by a mentor with ministry experience. Senior Master of Divinity students serve as facilitators for junior peer groups. Ministry professionals from the area are utilized for middler peer groups.

    Distance learning peer groups are also guided by a mentor in ministry and meet during the on-campus intensives and on-line during the semester.

John Brogan

John Brogan

Dean of Formation for Ministry
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Stephanie Croom

Stephanie Croom

Associate Director of Formation for Ministry
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Glenn Swier

Glenn Swier

Associate Director of Formation for Ministry, Director of the Dual Track MDiv-MSW Program and the Graduate Certificate in Urban Pastoral Ministry Program
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