Episode 8: Rebecca Deng on stories of a refugee (audio)


In this episode, Jenna Brandsen sat down with Rebecca Deng, a former refugee who is one of the “Lost Girls” of South Sudan.  Rebecca shared about her experience as a refugee in the US, and shared how the church can help welcome refugees.

Episode 7: Charles Amjad-Ali on Muslim/Christian Relations (audio)


In this episode Dr. Theresa Latini sat down with Rev. Dr. Charles Amjad-Ali, an Anglican from the (United) Church of Pakistan who has spent his life devoted to various causes of justice, speaking out against the persecution of religious minorities, and helping others to understand Islam as it intersects with Christianity.

Watch Dr. Amjad-Ali’s lecture at WTS.

Episode 6: Keith Johnson on “Theology as Discipleship” (audio)


J. Todd Billings sat down with Keith Johnson, Associate professor of Theology at Wheaton College, to discuss Keith’s new book “Theology as Discipleship.”

Episode 5: Marilyn McEntyre on How to Play with a Poem (audio)


In this episode, Jeff Munroe talks to writer and professor of medical humanities at the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program, Marilyn Chandler McEntyre about her rules for “how to play with a poem.”

Episode 4: Bruce Benedict on the Retuned Hymn Movement (audio)


In this episode Andy Bast sat down with Bruce Benedict, chaplain of worship arts at Hope College and founder of Cardiphonia, to talk about the retuned hymn movement–in which musicians compose new music to old hymn texts.

Episode 3: Gisela Kreglinger on the Spirituality of Wine (audio)


On this episode of The Luxcast, Kristen Deede Johnson sat down with Gisela Kreglinger, author of “The Spirituality of Wine,” to discuss what the Bible has to say about wine and how it impacts the Christian life.