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DISCERN GROUPS: College Peer Groups centered around call and Preaching

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Our Vision:

  • WTS is partnering with four colleges to encourage students to discern and pursue gifts in preaching.
  • We will provide resources and support to form one peer group per campus that will focus on discerning call to ministry, specifically preaching.

 Our Provisions:

  • An online “pathway” to guide discussion and discernment
  • Food, lodging, and registration at the Bast Preaching Festival
  • $2,000 to cover the cost of a group retreat and group meetings
  • $1,000 for the group facilitator (to be named by campus ministry staff)
  • There is no cost for the students to participate; they would simply be asked to sign a covenant of participation.

 Our Hopes:

  • That every student would discern a call to ministry and investigate inklings for preaching.
  • That every student would grow in their love for scripture, their love for the church, and their love for the proclamation of God’s word.
  • That every student would have an opportunity to preach during the group experience (either in a local church, a campus worship service, or to the group).

Our Partners:

  • Central College – Contact Joel Brummel at brummelj@central.edu
  • Northwest College – Contact Karen Barker at bohm@nwciowa.edu
  • Grand Valley State University – Contact Scott Stark at starks@gvsu.edu
  • Hope College - Contact Trygve Johnson at bouwman@hope.edu

Discern Group Sign-Up

For more information, please contact:

Lindsay Small, Associate Director of Journey, Bast Preaching Initiatives, WTS
616.392.8555 ext. 187

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