DISCERN GROUPS: College Peer Groups centered around call and Preaching

Our Vision:

  • WTS is partnering with four colleges to encourage students to discern and pursue gifts in preaching.
  • We will provide resources and support to form one peer group per campus that will focus on discerning call to ministry, specifically preaching.

 Our Provisions:

  • An online “pathway” to guide discussion and discernment
  • Food, lodging, and registration at the Bast Preaching Festival
  • $2,000 to cover the cost of a group retreat and group meetings
  • $1,000 for the group facilitator (to be named by campus ministry staff)
  • There is no cost for the students to participate; they would simply be asked to sign a covenant of participation.

 Our Hopes:

  • That every student would discern a call to ministry and investigate inklings for preaching.
  • That every student would grow in their love for scripture, their love for the church, and their love for the proclamation of God’s word.
  • That every student would have an opportunity to preach during the group experience (either in a local church, a campus worship service, or to the group).

Our Partners:

  • Central College – Contact Joel Brummel at brummelj@central.edu
  • Northwest College – Contact Karen Barker at bohm@nwciowa.edu
  • Grand Valley State University – Contact Scott Stark at starks@gvsu.edu
  • Hope College - Contact Trygve Johnson at bouwman@hope.edu

As we plan our upcoming peer groups, feel free to add your name to our inquiry list.

For more information, please contact:

Lindsay Small, Associate Director of Bast Preaching Initiatives, WTS
616.392.8555 ext. 187

Lindsay Small

Lindsay Small

Associate Director of the Bast Preaching Program
616.392.8555, x178
Lauren Eisnor

Lauren Eisnor

Administrative Assistant for Bast Preaching Initiatives
616.392.8555 x133

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