B.A.Wheaton College

M.Div. Princeton Theological Seminary

Ph.D. University of Notre Dame


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  • TH113-DL Systematic Theology I
  • TH124 Credo
  • TH126 Summative Evaluation (for MA students)
  • TH533-DL  From Africa to Anatolia: Mothers and Fathers of the Church

Speaking Engagements


  • February 21 -Preaching at chapel, Hope College, Holland, MI
  • March 23-24 – Colloquium on “Creation and the Problem of Evil,” sponsored by the Chicago Theological Initiative, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL
  • April 5-6 – Speaking on “Marilynne Robinson and Augustinian Thought” at Wheaton College Theology Conference. Keynote speaker: Marilynne Robinson; other speakers include Rowan Williams and Lauren Winner. To sign up to attend, click here.

Han-luen Kantzer Komline

Assistant Professor of Church History and Theology

Dr. Kantzer Komline holds a PhD from the University of Notre Dame, an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a BA in Philosophy from Wheaton College (IL).  She has studied on a Fulbright fellowship in Tübingen, Germany, and has also lived for short periods in Berlin, Paris and Siena.  For the year before joining the faculty at WTS in 2014, she lived in an ecumenical community at the foot of the castle in Heidelberg, Germany.  She loves running, good food, fellowship with family and friends, and serving as an elder at Pillar Church.  She is ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the RCA.

“I see my vocation at Western Theological Seminary as Elizabethan.  The biblical character Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist.  She raised up a herald of the kingdom of heaven.  My task is to nurture and raise up women and men who will lead the church in mission by doing what John the Baptist did, joyfully welcoming and proclaiming the coming of Christ.”