Episode 2.9: Edith Humphrey and John Thompson on Tradition and the Centrality of Scripture (audio)

In this episode, theologians Edith M. Humphrey and John L. Thompson discuss the question, “Does church tradition undermine the centrality and authority of scripture?”

Episode 2.8: Daniel Castelo on the “Problem” of Evil (audio)

In this episode, Dr. J. Todd Billings sat down with Dr. Daniel Castelo, Associate Professor of Theology at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA, and author of The Apathetic God, and Pentecostalism as a Christian Mystical Tradition. Dr. Billings asked Dr. Castelo about theodicy and addressing the “Problem of evil” from a Christian theological perspective.

Episode 2.7: Alison Adam & Greg Scheer on Global Music (audio)

In this episode, Alison Adam and Greg Scheer discuss the question, “How can Global Music in Western Worship be done authentically and respectfully?” This episode was filmed at the Calvin Symposium on Worship.

Episode 2.6: Jared Ayers on “Seeker Comprehensibility” (audio)

On this episode, church planter and pastor of Liberti Church Philadelphia Jared Ayers discusses the difference between seeker comprehensibility and seeker sensitivity and how his church is attempting to accomplish the former.

Episode 2.5: Dr. John Witvliet on Worship Renewal (audio)

In this episode, Dr. John Witvliet, Director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, discusses changes and renewal in the art and practice of church worship.

Episode 2.4: Anne Zaki on The Church in the East and the West (audio)

In episode 2.4, Anne Zaki, assistant professor of practical theology at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, offers strengths of the church in the West and the church in the East and suggests ways we can learn from one another.