Episode 3.4 Sarah Arthur on Faith & Literature (audio)

In this episode, Rev. Marijke Strong asks author Sarah Arthur about her love of fiction literature and how that plays into her faith and her call as a writer.

Episode 3.3: Elizabeth Palmer & Dwight Baker on Christian Publishing (audio)

In this episode, Dwight Baker, CEO/President of Baker Publishing and Elizabeth Palmer, books editor at The Christian Century discuss faith and the Christian publishing industry.

Episode 3.2: Isaac Wardell and David Bailey on Faith & Work (audio)

Isaac Wardell of Bifrost Arts and David Bailey of Arrabon discuss what Faith and Vocation means to them during the Calvin Symposium on Worship.

Episode 3.1: Barbara Brown Taylor on Faith & Writing (audio)

New York Times Best-selling author and Episcopal priest, Barbara Brown Taylor, sits down with fellow writer Isaac Anderson to discuss writing as an act of faith.

Episode 2.10: Rachel Held Evans on being the spiritual voice of a collective (audio)

In the final episode of Season 2, New York Times best-selling author and speaker Rachel Held Evans sits down with Rev. Roger Nelson at the 2017 Writer’s Workshop to answer, “What is it like to be the spiritual voice of a collective”?

Episode 2.9: Edith Humphrey and John Thompson on Tradition and the Centrality of Scripture (audio)

In this episode, theologians Edith M. Humphrey and John L. Thompson discuss the question, “Does church tradition undermine the centrality and authority of scripture?”