The Western Theological Seminary’s Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a new mission statement for the school. The new mission statement is:

By God’s grace, Western Theological Seminary forms women and men for faithful Christian ministry and participation in the Triune God’s ongoing redemptive work in the world.

The new mission statement acknowledges that as we educate students, it is not we who are ultimately responsible for forming our students, but God. As a learning community, we educate before the face of God. The new statement also explicitly affirms our identity as an egalitarian institution–we affirm and support the calling of women to all levels of ministry, including ordination. Finally, the new mission statement acknowledges the reality that students who attend Western Theological Seminary are called not only to ministry in the church but to a variety of vocations. We stand ready to be used as a conduit by God to form our students to participate in God’s redeeming work, whatever their vocational call.

The Board also unanimously affirmed five proposed strategic priorities:

    • Enhance Student Learning: Enhance student learning by reinvigorating our in-residence community while bolstering our online and distance learning offerings
    • Strengthen Academic Offerings: Strengthen and expand academic offerings to address and anticipate the needs of the Church in the 21st century
    • Focus on the Church: Deepen our focus on the Church through various initiatives, relationships, and partnerships
    • Engage Diversity: Engage the growing racial/ethnic diversity of the United States and expressions of Christianity around the world
    • Ensure the Future: Steward the resources of the seminary to ensure the future health and stability of the institution

The seminary will be developing initiatives under each of these priorities and will present those to the Board at their next meeting in February 2021.

Western is blessed with trustees who are committed to the future thriving and sustainability of the seminary, who are invested in the education of our students, and who are passionate about training leaders for God’s Kingdom. Thanks be to God.