As an adjunct professor at Western for several years, Dr. David A. Escobar Arcay is the only person who has taught in both our Spanish and English programs, consistently receiving excellent course evaluations. Dr. Escobar Arcay has accepted the offer to join WTS full-time as Associate Professor of Theology and to direct our Hispanic Ministry Program.

Dr. Escobar Arcay has considerable experience in a range of educational settings as a schoolteacher, principal, and most recently as a professor of education at Nova Southeastern University (Orlando & Miami, FL) serving the Caribbean and Central and South America for the last decade. He has also lectured widely for diverse theological seminaries and churches in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America most recently teaching for Western’s Brazil DMin cohort on Transformative Learning while directing the Florida-based DMin cohort, “The Latino Pastor Theologian.” His first Ph.D. is in educational leadership at Boston College and his second Ph.D. focuses on trinitarian theology at the University of Aberdeen. We look forward to welcoming him to campus for the fall semester.

Learn more on his Faculty page here (English) or here (Español).