Orientation Schedule 2017

August 23-25, 2017

August 23-24 – Orientation for Incoming Students begins with The President’s Breakfast at 8:30am.

August 24 – Orientation for Middler and Senior students begins with The Dean’s Breakfast at 8:30am.

Thursday, August 24 at 5:30pm – Orientation will conclude with an All Seminary Picnic for students, staff, and faculty at the Red Bricks (Townhouses). Families are welcome.

Friday, August 25 – Those students who were enrolled in FR125 during the summer will meet.


Wednesday, August 23


8:30am President’s Breakfast

9:40am  Worship in Mulder Chapel

9:40am  Worship in Mulder Chapel

10:15am Coffee/Prayer Time in the Atrium, ID Pictures Taken

10:30am  Orientation to Chapel for M.Div. Students (in Mulder Chapel)

11:00am  Introduction to the M.Div. Curriculum and Formation for Ministry Process (Room 159)

11:00am  MA Curriculum—John Brogan

11:45am  “Some people you should get to know” (Room 159)   12:15pm  Lunch with Peer Group Facilitators (Garden Level)

12:15pm  Lunch—THM students with faculty advisors (6th Floor of the Library)

1:30 to 5pm Psychological Testing with Dr. Jim Hoeksema and Brent & Emily Ellens (Room 159)

Juniors are invited to the Red Bricks afterward to meet Student Council (4:30 planned discussion)

6:00pm  Dinner at the home of President Tim and Nancy Brown


Thursday, August 25

ALL STUDENTS (Junior/Middler/Senior/MA/ThM)

8:30am  Dean’s Breakfast for all students/faculty/staff

9:40am  Worship (Mulder Chapel)

10:15am  Coffee/Prayer Time in the Atrium

10:30am  Juniors—Library Orientation, including Writing Studio (11:30-noon) with Laurie Baron
Middlers/Seniors—Chapel Check-in (Room 159)

11:00am  Middlers—Intercultural Immersion (Room 159)
Seniors—Career Services (Room 155)

NOON—Advisors and students meet in Atrium to receive West Coast Cash and listing of Restaurants

12:00-2:00pm  Lunch—West Coast Cash to use at Downtown Restaurants  2:00-3:30pm  View of Our Life Together at WTS with President Tim Brown (Mulder Chapel)

3:30-4:00pm  Dual Trackers—Glenn M.A.s—John Brogan

5:00pm  “All Seminary Picnic” by the Redbricks