Our 2015 T.I.M. Summit will prove to be one alumni (classes 2010-2014) will NOT want to miss! Any alum, whether currently placed in full time ministry or not, is invited to join in conversation to explore the ins and outs of organizational leadership. There will be fun with your peers, learning skills needed for your ministry and…door prizes!

This year’s summit will focus on how to make your ministry and vocation all about the people in the midst of the administrative and ministerial tasks that surround you every day. At the summit, you will hear from area corporate and church leaders explaining how to do what matters most in your ministry. You will be surrounded by friends and mentors who will help you, in a fun and engaging way, learn how God empowers us to empower others in ministry.


Session 1 – Catalyzing Strengths
I’m good at names, good with ideas, but terrible with numbers. I can share a vision but struggle to empower others to participate. How do I build on what I do well without getting discouraged or procrastinating on the other?

Session 2 – Workshops


Administrative Assistants Make Life Better (or “I’m better at this than you, let me help”) – Cathy Dreyer, Pillar Church

Recruiting Volunteers: Picking Friends is Better than Picking Your Nose – Martha Wing, Holland Rescue Mission

Strategic Planning: Where Dreams Do Come True – Kyle Small, Western Theological Seminary

Session 3 – Honest Feedback & Working with Boards

Fearless Feedback: Receiving Feedback without Falling Apart  – Kyle Small, Western Theological Seminary
The Bored-room No Longer: Working with Consistories, Non-profit Boards and Ministry Teams for Energy and Action  – Jeff Munroe, Western Theological Seminary

Session 5 – Panel Discussion

Organic Energy – leadership insights from seasoned leaders
Panel Participants:


John Spoelhof, former president of Prince Corp. and Jeff Monroe, V.P. of Operations at WTS.

Jody VanderWel, investment manager at Grand Angels
Steve Spoelhof, former head of Advancement at Willow Creek Community Church
Martha Wing, volunteer coordinator at Holland Rescue Mission
Chris Theule-VanDam, regional director for Young Life

Session 6 – Generosity and Closing

Steve Spoelhof talks about generosity from his experience in fundraising.