Dr. Travis West

Associate Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament

BA Calvin College
M.Div. Western Theological Seminary
Th.M. Western Theological Seminary
Ph.D. Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
“Learning Biblical Hebrew doesn’t need to give you an ulcer. Rather, I see it as an opportunity to discover more fully the depth, beauty, and nuance of the Church’s first Testament.”
Dr. Travis West

Dr. Travis West

Dr. Travis West

About Dr. Travis West

Dr. Travis West sees teaching as an act of ongoing hospitality. That is to say, teaching is creating opportunities within which students can have formational encounters—with the material, with each other, with the Spirit of God, and with their own hearts and lives. Over the past 15+ years, this guiding focus has informed the innovative Hebrew pedagogy he and several of his colleagues have developed, which now stands as a distinctive aspect of the curriculum at WTS. The Hebrew curriculum incorporates both grammatical rigor with playful innovation, analytical skills with devotional engagement, interpretive methods with Hebrew songs and prayers that blur the lines between seminary classroom and corporate worship. Dr. West’s dual identity as a professor and pastor (ordained in the Reformed Church in America) informs this formational approach to teaching and learning in every class he teaches.

In the Hebrew class Dr. West is known as “Moshe” (mo–SHAY), which is the Hebrew name Moses. Moshe means “to draw out,” as Pharaoh’s daughter drew the baby Moses out of the reeds along the Nile. As a teacher, Moshe sees his task as creating the conditions within which students’ full selves can be “drawn out,” by the Holy Spirit, as they encounter the Living God through the language and stories of the Old Testament. In 2016 he published Biblical Hebrew: An Interactive Approach with GlossaHouse. His dissertation, titled: The Art of Biblical Performance: Performance Criticism and the Genre of the Biblical Narratives will be published by GlossaHouse (late 2023). 

One of his vocational passions is the attempt to bend the trajectory of the academy toward the flourishing of the Church. He is passionate about making the Hebrew Scriptures accessible to people who have never studied the language before and revealing the Old Testament’s intrinsic relevance to both pastors and lay people who are either afraid of it or feel like it is antiquated, boring, violent, or just plain strange.

Areas of Expertise 

Beyond his interests in innovative pedagogy prioritizing encounter and play, Dr. West’s other teaching and research interests include the dramatic art of OT narrative, using performance to teach the Bible, the role of the body and experience in the interpretation of Scripture and in preaching, and the importance and significance of the Sabbath today.


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Welcome to Hebrew

Learning Hebrew doesn’t have to give you an ulcer. It can be fun and formative, and at WTS it is both!


This video is of the Shema (Deuteronomy 6.4-9) put to a gorgeous melody that honors and expands the traditional melody of the first verse. It is a project of Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI, and was written and arranged by Noah McLaren. The song is sung by Advanced Hebrew students at Western Theological Seminary. Video produced by Steve Zeoli and edited by Kent Esmeier.

Introduction to Hebrew Verb Stems

In this Diqduq Daqot video Moshe introduces the concept of Hebrew verb stems, and explains how they work, what they communicate, and why it's important to remember their names.This video elaborates on the contents of Chapter 16 in the textbook Biblical Hebrew: an interactive approach, by Travis West. For more information on the textbook, see www.glossahouse.com/haarets.



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