Girod Chair of Reformed Theology

Cultivating Pastor-Theologians in the Reformed Tradition

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Mission of the Girod Chair

The purpose of the endowed chair is to support the work of the Girod Research Professor of Reformed Theology and help to cultivate pastor-theologians in the Reformed tradition.

In the Girod Chair we view pastoral ministry as a creative theological space. On behalf of Western Theological Seminary we seek to form ministry leaders to be people who deeply engage theology in the Reformed tradition for the sake of Christ’s church and the world.



The Faith and Illness Initiative

While modern medicine has advanced in many areas, serious chronic illness is on the rise. For many, the gift of life continues amid affliction, including chronic pain, fatigue, and other forms of physical and mental distress.

Most Christians rightly seek healing through prayer and medical interventions. We pray and long for a bodily cure. But what happens when illness persists?

Christians today usually live within a narrow set of storylines about how God works in relation to illness. The chronically ill and their communities often assume God’s calling — to bear witness to God’s love — is paused while they are ill, that a life of discipleship can only resume once they are “healed.”

Thankfully, Scripture and church history offer more compelling visions of God’s ongoing calling and work. We need these pathways, which have been forgotten or obscured, to revitalize the modern Christian imagination.

For this reason, the Girod Chair is launching the Faith and Illness Initiative (FII), a think-tank-like set of gatherings with a lofty goal:


The Girod Fellowship

The Girod Fellowship is a full-tuition scholarship for research assistants to the Gordon H. Girod Research Chair of Reformed Theology. Students enrolled in the In Residence Master of Divinity Degree program may qualify.  The program is designed for cultivating Pastor-Theologians for the church and academy. Qualifying students admitted prior to February 1 will be invited to apply for the scholarship. 


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