Student Life

The Student Life is here to provide support for all WTS students

concentration Leaning


The formation is interwoven within the whole curriculum at WTS and through the Abbey Retreat and Abbey Groups.

In Abbey Groups, students are invited into intentional relationships with faculty and fellow students to explore spiritual disciplines, engage in vocational discernment, and integrate their classroom learning with their life of faith and ministry. Groups stay together for three years.

In-residence Abbey Groups meet weekly with a faculty member.

Distance learning Abbey Groups meet during the on-campus intensives and on-line during the semester.


Our commitment to whole-person formation involves hands-on ministry in supervised internships that help students develop life-long practices of integrating knowledge, faith, and participation in God’s work in the world.

Through our internships, WTS provides, a place to practice ministry, space for ministerial reflection through accompanying coursework and, feedback and support from mentors and peers

In your internship, you will engage and explore your call with a mentor walking alongside you. WTS is committed to providing you with the right internship and space to nurture and discern your call to serve.

Worship at WTS

 The corporate worship of God is a deeply formative activity – spiritually, educationally, and institutionally; it is at the heart of what we do here at Western Theological Seminary.

So we gather as a community to pray for ourselves and for our world, to sing and to be silent, to confess and receive pardon, to testify to God’s grace and lament our world’s brokenness, to praise and to petition, to proclaim, celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper together, and to enact the good news.

Chapel is held at 9:55 AM Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays when class is in session. All are invited in person or to join via Livestream.

The Writing Studio

Would you like to improve your writing skills? Tutors are equipped to help students learn how to conceive, develop, organize and clarify their writing efforts. The Writing Studio is a free service for enrolled students.




Dr. Tim Basselin

Director of Field Education and Student Life


Kate Bareman

Associate Director of Student Life