WTS Announces a Joint Ministry Project With the Persian Ministry of Words of Hope

Dec 8, 2021


About Western Theological Seminary

Located in Holland, Michigan, WTS offers 16 graduate programs online, in residence, in English, and Spanish for women and men preparing for faithful Christian ministry. WTS was founded in 1866 when seven of the eight members of Hope College’s inaugural graduating class wished to become ministers and petitioned their denomination to allow them to complete their education in Holland. Since that time, WTS has been preparing women and men for a lifetime of ministry all around the world in many ministry and denominational contexts.

By Western Theological Seminary

Beginning in 2022, Western Theological Seminary will offer a one-semester theological introduction course to Farsi-speaking students identified by the Persian ministry of Words of Hope.

The vision for this project is to implement a systematic training program to equip church leaders inside of Iran. Students will be spiritually formed, biblically grounded, theologically trained, and practically equipped with ministry skills. This course is a unique and historic opportunity to build up the church in Iran, one of the most contentious places in the world. 

For over 30 years, Words of Hope (WOH) has broadcast the gospel into the country of Iran via shortwave radio. In 2018, Words of Hope transitioned from shortwave radio to digital technology, utilizing 24/7 internet radio, websites, and any available social media platform. This proved to be successful, and tens of thousands of Farsi-speakers began interacting with the WOH Persian leader, which led to several developments. The WOH Persian leader recruited key individuals to join the Persian ministry team located in Texas, Germany, Turkey, and Iran. Realizing the need for strategic discipleship, WOH implemented “Discipleship Essentials” training modules. This training was included in the semi-annual conference broadcasts as well as in bi-weekly Zoom meetings. Additionally, a number of house churches have now been planted inside of Iran, which is led by individuals that are participating in the discipleship training.

About Words of Hope

The mission of Words of Hope (WOH) is to provide people both near and far with daily access to God’s Word. Words of Hope provides free daily devotional resources to help people stay connected to God’s truth and partners with emerging Christian leaders around the world to share the good news of Jesus.