Dr. Kantzer Komline is honored for work on Augustine

Dec 19, 2019


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By Western Theological Seminary

WTS is pleased to share that Dr. Han-luen Kantzer Komline has been offered a prestigious fellowship at Villanova University.

The Patricia H. Imbesi Saint Augustine Fellowship is offered to “an outstanding scholar whose work has a contribution to make to the study of Augustine or of the Augustinian tradition,” and Dr. Kantzer Komline and her husband Dr. David Komline will travel to Villanova for the spring semester this year. David will continue to teach Distance Learning courses at WTS.

In addition to this honor, Dr. Kantzer Komline has also received the Manfred Lautenschleager Award for Theological Promise. Awarded to the top 10 promising theologians throughout the world, this is a truly significant accomplishment.  We are delighted that Dr. Kantzer Kromline was selected for this honor. In receiving this award, Dr. Kantzer Kromline joins the ranks of our own Dr. Todd Billings, who was a recipient in 2009 (note: it was called the Templeton Award for Theological Promise at that time).

Dr. Kantzer Komline’s new book, Augustine on the Will: A Theological Account, was recently published by Oxford University Press as a part of the Oxford Studies in Historical Theology. 

“This book represents a true contribution to the field,” writes academic dean, Dr. Kristen Johnson. As one scholar has written, “There is nothing in English that offers such a clear treatment of Augustine’s developing thought on this crucial issue.” And another notes, “This fresh new approach will be a must read for anyone interested in further work on this important topic.”

We offer our hearty congratulations to Dr. Kantzer Komline on these accomplishments!

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